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Grant William Has Exceptional Start After Not Getting Contract Extension

Grant Williams of the Boston Celtics is a forward and former Tennessee player in his fourth NBA season. He is having an amazing start to the 2021-2022 NBA Season. As of 10/25/22, Williams is shooting a whopping true shooting percentage of 94.6 (league average is 57 percent). His field goal percentage is 70.6 ( league average is 46 percent) and his three-point percentage is 66.7 ( league average is 34 percent). After beginning the new season with a disagreement on a contract extension between Grant William’s camp and the Celtics organization, the bet on himself seems to have been coming from a logical place. He is playing himself into a sizeable new contract. By, Fair use, The Celtics have started this basketball season with three wins and only one loss. Even after losing their finals-reaching coach Ime Udoka due to a season long suspension after controversial events b

Jaylen Brown Denounces Kanye West and Drops Donda Sports

Jaylen Brown has made a statement about his decision to leave Donda Sports, owned, created, and, affiliated with the rapper formerly recognized as Kanye West. One of the first two pro athletes to sign with Kanye West's controversial sports focused marketing organization, “Donda Sports” , Jaylen Brown told the Boston Globe this Monday, October 24th, that he will stay with the company but still disagrees with Kanye West's recent comments. That relationship is now completely over, as Jaylen Brown revealed in a statement on Twitter. Another ex-Donda Sports affiliate athlete, and NFL athlete, Aaron Donald, has left the organization. — Jaylen Brown (@FCHWPO) October 25, 2022 Ye, who has officially changed his name from Kanye West, has recently made anti-semitic statements in a great number of interviews. These statements have sparked outrage across many channels. Many celebrities and notable people have publicly made statements distancing themsel

Why is Minecraft Still Popular?

Everyone knows of it, and everyone seems to have played it. Minecraft has been in the gaming world since before it’s official release, since 2009. The game’s official release was on November 18th, 2011. Minecraft has been in the mainstream media for a while, and during its peak was virtually everywhere. Eventually, the game lost a bit of that popular culture power, yet it has remained as a mainstay of the gaming industry, even having a significant resurgence during the quarantine of 2020.  Why is it that Minecraft has stayed so popular? Why does Minecraft seem to only have grown more and more, instead of slowly dying off in favor of a shiny new franchise or a sparkly new game? Well, the answer lies not only in the game itself, but the community that built itself around it.  Minecraft Origins Minecraft originally was released to the public in 2009 by Notch, the original creator of the legendary video game. It definitely wasn’t what we are able to play today. The early stages of Min

How to Merge Your Account on Overwatch 2

In Overwatch 2, you have the option to merge your old Overwatch account to the new game. Merging your account lets you unlock all the heroes and keep your stats as well as things like skins and other cosmetic items from your original Overwatch 1 account. To merge your account from the original Overwatch game, or Overwatch 1, you must: 1. ) Start the game on your console.  2. ) A prompt will pop up to then merge your account. This prompt will give you the option of merging your old Overwatch account with your new one. Press continue.   3. ) A QR Code prompt will be displayed after pressing continue. 4. ) Once the QR code is scanned, enter the code displayed on your console to either create or log in to a account and continue the on screen instructions. 5. ) Confirm your account by pressing the X button as instructed on your screen. 6. ) After this is completed, upon the next time you log in to overwatch, you will be asked to again confirm your account.  Important: You can onl

How to Get More Followers on Instagram in 2022

Are you a creator? Are you a business? Are you a brand?  Have you been wondering just how to grow on Instagram in 2022, especially after all the updates to their algorithm?  Well, look no further, because in this ultimate guide to Instagram growth, you will be taught the necessary information to learn how to grow organically on the platform!  It is easy, and if you take the “social” part of social media seriously, you will be growing in no time. Using all these methods, I have managed to gain 600 quality and organic followers in one month. Things to Know Before You Start Before you embark on your Instagram journey. You must first get these three different aspects of what you want to do down to have a smooth growing experience. Have a good profile picture! A decent display avatar will give potential fans a snapshot of who you are and what your account represents. It may not seem important, but it is the first thing people see when you comment or interact with them on the platf