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LeBron James: "..a generational talent in the draft! ... Joe B is the absolute TRUTH!!"

the wine GOATs of the late 2000s and early 2010s The Cincinnati Bengals won the AFC this past Sunday, on January 30th, 2022, in what is the most exciting thing to happen to Ohio since LeBron James spent a stint on the Cleveland Cavaliers. On Twitter, Lebron James went on to proclaim the Bengals' star quarterback, Joey Burrow, as a generational talent. Clearly, Burrow has won over the masses.  Is LeBron James the best bandwagoner athlete that could be considered the greatest player of all time? But not if get a generational talent in the draft! You would have said the same about the Cavs before 2003 right? Joe B is the absolute TRUTH!! We all saw and knew it! — LeBron James (@KingJames) January 30, 2022 Sign-up to keep up with bytesizetakes!   

Bungie JUST joined PlayStation: Will there be a NEW IP?

The famous developers of the beloved Halo series of video games and Destiny, as well as other games, has just joined Sony and the Playstation family, per Sony . An unexpected move.  What could this mean for the future of the two massive legends of gaming? A new IP on the Horizon? The last truly giant IP for Bungie was Destiny. With them joining Playstation, the added support and resources could be a predictor of new future endeavors, and maybe even a new gaming franchise.  Sign-up to keep up with bytesizetakes! 

Draymond Green: "The Reality is, F%$K Drake!" - NBA Star shares his feelings about the famous pop star.

While many of us Drake dislikers stand alone in a forest of enthusiasts, one brave man, NBA Star and Perennial All - NBA Defensive player Draymond Green had a bit of his own two cents to put out to the airwaves. During a conversation on the improvement of his podcast from before to now, he had this to say about scathing comments from Drake during the 2017 ESPYs , who said the show was a 'tough listen'.  "So the reality is, F**K Drake"  - Draymond Green on episode 96 of"The Old Man & the Three"  podcast, hosted by former NBA player JJ Redick and his co-host Tommy Alter at 19:58.  Is Drake a bad person? Is his music bad? It's completely subjective, so of course, there has to be an objective opinion.  Sign-up to keep up with bytesizetakes!