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Top 5 Plays From Boston Celtics Win Against Wizards (4/4/2022)

The Boston Celtics won by a lot over the Washington Wizards the other night. They are in playoff mode. The bench broke the record for most franchise threes by a Boston Celtics bench. While now the third seed, they are full steam ahead. The star duo, Jaylen and Jayson, had outings of over 30 points again. The defense, at this point, even without Robert Williams, speaks for itself. Another lopsided score, and another tally in the win column. We can feel the Timelord's absence, but the Celtics are getting through. He is a crucial part of the team. The timetable for his injury has him coming back in a short 4-6 weeks. Let's hope for a quick comeback, and for long-term stability.   Nonetheless, check out these stupefying plays from your very own Celtics! image:  Erik Drost |  CC BY 2.0 Stay updated with the blog by subscribing  HERE ! Suggested Articles:    TOP 5 MARCUS SMART PLAYS SINCE THE NEW YEAR TOP 5 JAYLEN BROWN POSTER DUNKS OF ALL TIME 5. Jayson Tat