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Celtics Basketball is Starting Up Soon: Here are Three Things to Look Forward To

  The last time the Celtics played basketball, they took a one-point loss to a team with the second worst record in the entire league, the Detroit Pistons. Jaylen Brown’s 31 points were not enough to secure the W. Even though Boston was missing both Marcus Smart and Robert Williams , it was an unexpected end to a long 9 game win-streak.. However, it’s not all for naught. Some worried that downgrading both Smart and Williams meant trouble. Yet, fortunately, with plenty of rest through the all star break, they are both healed and looking forward to playing their next game against the Brooklyn Nets. Here are three things to look forward to when the Celtics begin playing basketball again.  1. THE CELTICS HOLD THE TITLE AS THE BEST DEFENSE IN THE NBA After the new year, the Celtics transformed themselves as a team , and now seem to move as one cohesive unit. They boast the highest defensive rating in the NBA, at around 96. Over the past month, the difference between the Celtic’s and

10 Years Today In Gaming: Take A Look at Classic Releases from 2012

The year 2012 is as close to 2022 as 2032. An entire decade has passed since the year the world was supposed to end. Gaming has changed, for better or worse. Take a look at what games came out in 2012. During this year, many games, that are sure to strike that nostalgia nerve, were released. These include Black Ops 2, Far Cry 3, and Assassins' Creed III. Enjoy the infographic, but make sure to not get swept up into the nostalgic tidal wave! Find the full list below the graphic, powered by Wikipedia. January–March [ edit ] Month Day Title Platform(s) J A N U A R Y 4 Katawa Shoujo Win NFL Blitz PSN , XBLA 6 Q.U.B.E. Win 10 Choplifter HD Win Crazy Machine Elements PSN Mecho Wars PSN 11 Amy XBLA 12 Run Roo Run iOS Zen Pinball 3D 3DS 17 Amy PSN Dustforce Win Zack Zero PS3 18 Caverns of Minos iOS Haunt XBLA Scarygirl PSN , Win , XBLA 19 Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode I Win Sonic the Hedgehog CD Win 22 Jurassic Park: The Game - Episode 3: The Depths iOS 25 Oil Rush Win , Lin , Mac Puddle X