Jaylen Brown Denounces Kanye West and Drops Donda Sports

Jaylen Brown has made a statement about his decision to leave Donda Sports, owned, created, and, affiliated with the rapper formerly recognized as Kanye West. One of the first two pro athletes to sign with Kanye West's controversial sports focused marketing organization, “Donda Sports” , Jaylen Brown told the Boston Globe this Monday, October 24th, that he will stay with the company but still disagrees with Kanye West's recent comments. That relationship is now completely over, as Jaylen Brown revealed in a statement on Twitter. Another ex-Donda Sports affiliate athlete, and NFL athlete, Aaron Donald, has left the organization.

Ye, who has officially changed his name from Kanye West, has recently made anti-semitic statements in a great number of interviews. These statements have sparked outrage across many channels. Many celebrities and notable people have publicly made statements distancing themselves and disagreeing with “Donda” artist. Because of West's insults on Jews, an episode of LeBron James' roundtable show "The Shop" in which he was supposed to participate was canceled. Additionally, he has been dropped by many companies and entities such Adidas, Balenciaga, Vogue, Anna Wintour, his talent agency, CAA, lawyer, Instagram, Twitter, Stadiums, and documentary teams.


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