How to Merge Your Account on Overwatch 2

In Overwatch 2, you have the option to merge your old Overwatch account to the new game. Merging your account lets you unlock all the heroes and keep your stats as well as things like skins and other cosmetic items from your original Overwatch 1 account.

To merge your account from the original Overwatch game, or Overwatch 1, you must:

1. ) Start the game on your console. 

2. ) A prompt will pop up to then merge your account. This prompt will give you the option of merging your old Overwatch account with your new one. Press continue.


3. ) A QR Code prompt will be displayed after pressing continue.

4. ) Once the QR code is scanned, enter the code displayed on your console to either create or log in to a account and continue the on screen instructions.

5. ) Confirm your account by pressing the X button as instructed on your screen.

6. ) After this is completed, upon the next time you log in to overwatch, you will be asked to again confirm your account. 

Important: You can only do the merging process ONCE

I Am Having Trouble Merging and Linking My Overwatch Account

If you are having trouble linking your accounts together. Visit the frequently asked questions and troubleshooting resource of Blizzard for account linking problems, Account Link Common Problems support article.

Will my Skins Transfer over To Overwatch 2?

Your Hero skins are transferred over to the new game, and so are any other compatible cosmetics. 

Why Hasn’t My Account Merged Yet?

The process of transferring and merging accounts can take a couple of hours. During the meanwhile, you are able to play Overwatch but may not be able to play modes like competitive. 

How Do I Merge My Overwatch Account On PC?

To merge your Overwatch account on PC you need to go to 


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