Marcus Smart of the Boston Celtics pushing Joel Embiid forward and away hard

Marcus Smart, a lifelong Celtic, has shown himself to be the heart and soul of the team. Going out of his way to produce the work that does not show up on the box score, he is capable of casually creating plays that can only be described as work of a basketball genius.

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5. Let me just shoot this three real quick, thank you.

The Brooklyn Nets have been very hospitable to opponent offences this season. They were very polite with Marcus Smart on this play, allowing him to stroll up and sink a three in the defender's mouth.

4. Marcus Smart, a gold-medal winning gymnast or just a very acrobatic athlete? You decide.

Marcus Smart, after taking over point guard duties, has become a versatile playmaker. Here, he drives in and contorts his body around a defender, faking the layup and dishing it out for a quick drive and easy layup by Jayson Tatum.

3. Marcus Smart shows he's the heart and soul of the team

No matter if we are leading or losing, big or small, Marcus Smart shows perseverance and dedication through every movement. Here, even while up big against the Atlanta Hawks, he puts his body on the line for a steal.

2. With less than 40 seconds left, Smart rips it and dishes out an assist to tie the game!

Marcus Smart will never give up. Here, he manhandles an Orlando Magic player, runs in the transition, and gives it to Brown for the tie. This game would end in a Celtics win in over time.

1. Marcus Smart does a behind the back pass through TWO defenders!

In Football, the nutmeg is when you pass the ball through a defenders legs. In Basketball, it's known as "f$@&king awesome". Marcus Smart is awesome too.

(clips from NBA and @TIMI_093 Youtube highlight cuts)

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