How to Unfollow Instagram Users Who Don't Follow You Back

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Have you noticed how the usual ways to check who doesn't follow you on Instagram stopped working?

I did too!

I downloaded many apps and used many websites to find out who doesn't follow me and who never followed me back in the first place, to no success. That is because Instagram changed its API, a fancy word for the coding that makes the app work, which destroyed how those unfollower apps interacted with Instagram. In 2022, you can get banned for using those apps so be careful. 

There is still a foolproof way to check who doesn't follow you back on Instagram! This method uses Instagram’s own data of your account to find unfollowers.


STEP 1: Go into your account settings.

A screenshot of my profile showing where the account settings are

STEP 2: Click on the additional settings.

A screenshot of the settings options


STEP 3: Click on the security setting.

A screenshot showing what setting to click for the security


Step 4: Click on download data. 

A screenshot showing where to click to be able to download your data

Step 5: Your email should be entered already, if not enter it and hit the request data button. 

Where to click to be able to request the download of your data from Instagram

Step 5: It should soon be sent to your email.

A screenshot of the window after you request your data and click the link Instagram emails you

Step 6: Click download information and download your information to somewhere on your computer.

A screenshot showing the screen Instagram shows you after you click download information

 Step 7: You will have to “extract” it to somewhere on your computer as well. You do this by clicking “Extract all“ and then choosing somewhere on your computer to download it.

A screenshot displaying a window that shows where you have to pick the location of where to download on your computer.

Step 8: Open up both the “followers and following” folders. (The highlighted folder in the picture)

A screenshot of how the file will look once you enter the folder


Step 9: Open BOTH the “followers.html” and “following.html”. That will open your browser to a list of all your followers and everyone you follow.

A screenshot showing you what the followers and following html files will look like


Step 10: 

 a. Go to the website 

 b. Copy the entire page of followers.html and put it in the List A box. 
     - (Highlight the first follower hold FN then press the End button on Windows) 
     - (For Mac that is FN, command, and right arrow) 
     That will jump you to the bottom of the page. 

 c. Press CTRL + C to copy all the text on Windows (Command + C on Mac) 

 d. Paste unto List A  (CTRL + V on Windows, Command + V on Mac)

A screenshot that shows the html file section highlighted

A screenshot displaying what the listdiff box should look like

 Step 11: 

 a. Do the same for the following.html list and paste it onto List B. 
 b. Put A-->Z sort in order to get rid of all the messy dates that we have copied.

A screenshot showing what the listdiff box should look like once you paste the second section


Step 12: You are done! 
Every single username on “B only” are people you follow but do not follow you back! 

You just have to scroll down a bit to get past the dates. 

**My suggestion is to copy the “B only” list and paste it on to a google doc or word doc. 

Then delete all the dates until you are left with a clean username list.

**Make sure to only unfollow 50 people an hour, because Instagram will flag your account for bot activity!

A screenshot showing which section shows the people who do not follow you back on the social media platform Instagram


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