Washington Commanders: WORST NAME In SPORTS History?


From the creators of "Washington Football Team" comes a new, exciting, and relevant name.. the "Washington Commanders"! Commanders of what exactly is YET to be seen. The team name is up there in the banners with other absolutely awful names such as the Nashville 'Predators' and the Utah 'Jazz'. 

On Monday morning, 2/2/2022, a former Washington player leaked the name on 'the D.A Show' by CBS Sports Radio. It is truly astonishing that no insults or disparaging comments on the name leaked from him as well, because lord knows I would have had some heinous things to say. 

Earlier this morning, the official twitter account of the Commanders posted their announcement of the new team brand and identity, using some poor player or person as their main model to show it off.

It has been 40 years since this franchise has had the honor to win a Super Bowl Title. Maybe they will 'command' some respect and some wins around the league this time around.  

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