THE WORLD's FIRST SUPER TEAM of STATES: Massonnecticut Island


If LeBron can do it, why can't we? He set the precedent, not us. That is why, just like LeBron teaming up with Mario Chalmers in Miami; Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut should all come together to create the world's first super state team. We would have a serious competitive advantage compared to the other states, maybe even putting us over the hump of being considered a perennial All-State. 

Boosted to a population of 11.57 million, we would be 8th in the nation, kicking Georgia out of its place. Paired with world leading education, healthcare, service, mass transit and technological industries, Massonnecticut Island would be contender to win the National Title year-after-year. A true dynasty. 

Not only would we have a global-class human development index, but we would also be absolutely tickled to find out that our new state contains enormous expanses of protected forests, mountains, rivers, and beaches. A combination of old word comfort, with new world amenities, and a temperate climate, Massonnecticut Island would truly be a force to be reckoned with.

Unfortunately, while we boast a very convincing usage case, the commission seems very hesitant in accepting any type of proposal currently, due to front office struggles and high-level league issues. To that, I say, what's the difference between Texas joining the league back in 1885? At the time, the league was more of a big messy state than the well-run (although some carry the belief that the term should not be used to describe it) organization we have today. 

What are your thoughts? Will more super state teams be formed in the future if this is allowed to go through? Are you a fan of super state teams, or do you think they ruin the sanctity of our good sport?

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