With last night's loss against the Sacramento Kings, the Brooklyn Nets are now 2-7 since losing their second star player Kevin Durant. With Kyrie's part-time status as a player, the lone star finds himself in a similar position from when he was on the Houston Rockets.

Harden has voiced his frustrations many times. He has said that “We’ve done enough talking.”, per Alex Schiffer, insinuating growing tensions in the Nets’ locker room. These feelings are a far cry from a previous statement, made the day after Christmas. In an interview James Harden said, ““I have all the trust in the world in each and every one of my teammates — When we step on the court, we can beat anybody.,” per Ajayi Browne. The trio that was meant to be (Irving, Durant, Harden, really has not had time to gel for any long stretch of time. This has also meant, especially lately due to Durant’s injury and Kyrie’s availability, he has had to shoulder the brunt of the load. He averages the most minutes played on the team with 37, which is second in the league. Keeping that in mind, back in April, the Nets forced Harden to play through a painful hamstring injury during the playoffs. He was even limping on the court and had to come out less than a minute into a game.

Logically, one would assume that anybody will get tired of carrying a figurative giant weight on their backs. Logically, one would assume that because James Harden has previously voiced those concerns, as well as force a trade to a new team because of those same very issues, he would still dislike the same scenario he tried to get away from.

It seems that Harden has not become hardened, and has been led astray, even bamboozled, into thinking he would find himself in an all-time offensive roster.

Will he find himself on a new team? Will he lay down an ultimatum? He’s clearly frustrated, and the situation seems very bleak.

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