Is Climate Change TRULY That Bad?

There comes a time in every man's life where they understand the impact the state of Florida has on the state of the nations' psyche. It comes just about the time they realize they will never be able to own their own modest home, nor escape the constant, powerful, and ever-increasing storms. Yet, where others see despair, opportunities can be hiding in plain site.

Climate change, is unavoidable in this day and age. You can see it all around you, if you know where to look. Don't look up. According to NASA's earth observatory, with melting ice caps and glaciers in the coldest regions of our planet, utilizing current measurements, the sea level rise is estimated to be 43 to 49 inches by the year 2080. A rise of 4 feet. 

Using NASA's Sea Level Rise simulation, a rise of 4 feet can represent untold devastation in areas in terms of property damage and human damage. 

Miami Beach and the Miami cost area are completely inundated by the year 2080.

Boston, built on deposits of earth, is prone to climate change sea level change.
Areas of the south side of Boston, where expensive developments are located, 
and the Back Bay area of Boston are lost to the sea.

New Orleans, if infrastructure to keep it safe is kept up and built upon, will stand
as a lone city state surrounded by water. Similarly to Venice and Mont St.-Michel
in the present day.

Now, while that might not look bad to you, if we do not stop our fossil fuel usage and cut back on pumping massive amounts of gas into our atmosphere, the sea level could see a rise of up to 10 feet. 

This amount of water would be catastrophic, and would change the face of our planet and our civilization forever. 

Boston is completely lost to the sea, surrounding areas are at the water's mercy.

A large chunk of the Floridian coast line becomes apart of the Atlantic.
Miami, including any close surrounding urban area sits under trillions of
tons of water.

If the infrastructure holds, New Orleans will become beacon and a dark
 paragon of the devastating force of human-made climate change.

You might look at these images and think, "Woah, that is world-changing and life destroying..." You might also realize that the destruction will not be limited to just coastal cities. You might realize that it will bring conflict, instability, and a more difficult life.

A more astute investor will see the massive amount of new coastline land located right by the world's busiest economic and urban sectors! Where will all the people who are displaced and had their lives altered in a mind-shattering way live? 

In luxurious and extra-climate-fortified glass housing of course! Up on the northeast for example, blizzards will cease to exist with warmer planet temperatures. What does that tell you? More people will want to live in the newly-temperate or subtropical area! 

Less doom and gloom. More boom, and more of that dollar soon!


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