Does Tom Brady's Retirement Even Matter?

A picture of Tom Brady with the words "Cheater" and an arrow pointing at him from a sign.
Tom Brady getting well-deserved boos for committing treason, per usatoday

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Other than being considered one of, if not the greatest , football player to ever grace the field, what has Tom Brady done to deserve the big deal going on around his retirement? At 44 years of age (what others may consider a dinosaur), he was only leading one of the best teams in the country. He had only just finished winning the highest award a player could get, a Super Bowl Title. The man truly did not do much to advance the sport nor his team. 

His career highlights and rewards consisting of measly:

He also holds no notable records:
NFL records

His stats are very middle-of-the-pack as well:

Passing attempts:11,317
Passing completions:7,263
Completion percentage:64.2
Passing yards:84,520
Passer rating:97.6

The dude, case-in-point, was simply not worth the hubbub I am seeing around the web. Quiet down boomers! 

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